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How to turn a leather jacket into a fashion sensation?

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Winter is approaching and the style that is in is almost always leather. This material can either go stunning, or horrifying. Girls, to save yourself from the latter, what you can do is look at yourself in the mirror. Look at your shape. If you have broader shoulders, then loose and wavy is the style for you. If you have a pear- shaped body, that is larger chest and small waist, then fitted jackets will look the best on you. For all of us who are not so concerned about their diets, no worries! To totally make a jacket look amazing on you, start by layering on cardigans and scarves, and then at last wear your jacket. This will actually make you look thinner and make your jacket perfect for nights out. And for boys, well, you can try out all classic styles such as the biker look, the front open style and many others. The same trick is for boys, look at your figure when trying to figure out what style of jacket to wear. This is your style, don’t let anyone ruin it, and choose freely. The biker look is a tight fitted leather jacket, usually paired with blue jeans and black biker boots. However, you can always reinvent it by adding a few accessories or two, like a wallet chain that hands from your pocket to get that perfect macho look, or be bold and playful by adding a few scarves, wearing a pair of color blocked trousers. For all the sporty boys out there, you can cover your track suit with a brown leather jacket for the warmer months to have everyone staring at your sports and your style. For the time when the temperature drops, you can just wear a not-so-cool knitted sweater and layer on with a chic black leather jacket. What if you get a large, spreading stain on your new leather? Just go back to the shop where you got it and buy some leather cleaning solvent. Just gently rub it with a brush and a little solvent, and hopefully your jacket will be as good as new.  And what if you want to have the worn out effect of a denim jacket sooner? Just wear it in the rain! When you combine these tips and your style, you’ll have everyone envying your fashion sense!

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