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Jack Reacher - An Addition To The List Of Fictional Heroes

A thriller, fictional film for all the action movie lovers with an amazing cast including Tom Cruise, Rosamund Pink, Lee Child, Jai Courtney, Richard Jenkins, Robert Duvall, David Oyelow, Nicole Forester and many more wonderful stars. The movie is based on Lee Child’s novel ‘One Shot’.

Tom Cruise is given a very manly look in the movie, according to the demand of the character. He is wearing a very simple costume in the entire film, like any other loner or rugged individual guy. There are a lot of activities going on after the movie got released for its promotion.Jack Reacher leather jacket and his signature military watch which he was wearing in the movie was prized for the lucky winner of the games designed by Paramount based on the movie. The highest scorer would get these two awesome gifts along with some other small gifts.

The film was a hit and all the guys loved it as they could relate themselves with the character and this liking resulted in the fever for the costume that Tom Cruise wears in the movie. A lot of brands started making the newly welcomed fictional hero’s costumes for those young guys who desire to have a personality like him. As we know, Tom Cruise is loved by all. Tom Cruise is a superstar and every guy wants to become as good looking as he is. His hairstyles, dresses, watches, shoes etc. is been noted and followed religiously.

Usually it happens that whenever a new fictional hero hits the cinema, people go crazy over him and copy his styles as well as the dialogues. Even a 5 year old kid is like, Reacher’s Rule#1: ‘Hit them hard, hit them fast, and hit them a lot’. So this love for their favourite character is just incomparable.

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