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January 16 2015


How to turn a leather jacket into a fashion sensation?

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Winter is approaching and the style that is in is almost always leather. This material can either go stunning, or horrifying. Girls, to save yourself from the latter, what you can do is look at yourself in the mirror. Look at your shape. If you have broader shoulders, then loose and wavy is the style for you. If you have a pear- shaped body, that is larger chest and small waist, then fitted jackets will look the best on you. For all of us who are not so concerned about their diets, no worries! To totally make a jacket look amazing on you, start by layering on cardigans and scarves, and then at last wear your jacket. This will actually make you look thinner and make your jacket perfect for nights out. And for boys, well, you can try out all classic styles such as the biker look, the front open style and many others. The same trick is for boys, look at your figure when trying to figure out what style of jacket to wear. This is your style, don’t let anyone ruin it, and choose freely. The biker look is a tight fitted leather jacket, usually paired with blue jeans and black biker boots. However, you can always reinvent it by adding a few accessories or two, like a wallet chain that hands from your pocket to get that perfect macho look, or be bold and playful by adding a few scarves, wearing a pair of color blocked trousers. For all the sporty boys out there, you can cover your track suit with a brown leather jacket for the warmer months to have everyone staring at your sports and your style. For the time when the temperature drops, you can just wear a not-so-cool knitted sweater and layer on with a chic black leather jacket. What if you get a large, spreading stain on your new leather? Just go back to the shop where you got it and buy some leather cleaning solvent. Just gently rub it with a brush and a little solvent, and hopefully your jacket will be as good as new.  And what if you want to have the worn out effect of a denim jacket sooner? Just wear it in the rain! When you combine these tips and your style, you’ll have everyone envying your fashion sense!

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August 25 2014


Success Story Of The Ravishing Kate Moss

When we think about modelling or fashion, her name quickly pops up in our minds. Imagining model universe without her is like a kingdom without a king. She always takes the lead by her continuous effort in refining herself as a model and diversifying her career. She is truly a diva who is an inspiration for the women of all ages. She did not only wish, dream or hope for becoming successful, she actually lived her dream. There is an age limit for models, but in her case there is no limit as she has maintained herself very well. Even at the age of 40 years she looks extremely stunning and young.

She is not just a model, but a multi-talented woman and a style icon. Everyone loves reading about her and her achievements. She is a superstar who is a classic example of perfection. She has started her clothing line in partnership and doing an amazing job. The idea behind her clothing line is to rearrange the pieces of her own wardrobe collection in order to create a unique piece for the people who admire her. Usually people do not remember the designer who she wears in her movies or other events, but they can certainly remember her wearing them. All young women go crazy after her outfits and desire to wear the same outfits in special events.

Kate Moss leather jacketcollection is just wonderful. She gave it a fringed look which came out extremely great. It has been her natural affinity to create a totally exclusive piece out of different outfits by her creative ideas. Nobody can beat her when it comes to styling. Her beauty fits in all sorts of looks and she is confident enough to carry any kind of attire perfectly.

All the pretties who dream and wish to be like her should learn from this elegant beauty that it’s not just about the face; it’s much more than that.

August 23 2014


Emma Watson Looked Stunning In Leather Jacket At Valentino’s Show

Emma always takes away the attention by showing up with something extra-ordinary at the events and parties. She is considered to be among those fashionable celebrities who are popular for experimenting with style and fashion. Every young woman desires to carry their clothes in a way she does. They say that anything that is done with pure intentions is always sought for. Here’s to say it is young Watson’s thought to reach out to help people through whatever she does, be it young range fashion to start with; that makes her stand out from the lot.

This 23 year old beauty, won a lot of hearts at the Valentino’s haute couture in Paris, as she arrived wearing a glamorous two-piece comprising of a lacy crop top and matching skirt. Her one pearl earring perfectly complimented her outfit very well. Emma Watson leather jacketand her cherry red pumps made her looks a true picture of perfection. She was not wearing a lot of make-up and her hair was sophisticatedly tied up. The selection of her dress as well as the accessories was just perfect.

The pretty young woman’s leather jacket was a lovely addition to her look, giving her a flawless and edgy feel. Her red pumps were just a wonderful splash of colour to balance the all black look. Only a perfectionist can manage to dress up so well. She surprised everyone by her dressing sense at such a young age. From a child star that started her acting career from ‘Harry Potter’, she has turned into a diva. Every young girl admires her beauty and trendy looks.

So, all the young girls out there! You should take a little lesson from this pretty brunette of how smartly one could wear all black, leather jackets, red pumps and a singular earring and yet look classy.

Jack Reacher - An Addition To The List Of Fictional Heroes

A thriller, fictional film for all the action movie lovers with an amazing cast including Tom Cruise, Rosamund Pink, Lee Child, Jai Courtney, Richard Jenkins, Robert Duvall, David Oyelow, Nicole Forester and many more wonderful stars. The movie is based on Lee Child’s novel ‘One Shot’.

Tom Cruise is given a very manly look in the movie, according to the demand of the character. He is wearing a very simple costume in the entire film, like any other loner or rugged individual guy. There are a lot of activities going on after the movie got released for its promotion.Jack Reacher leather jacket and his signature military watch which he was wearing in the movie was prized for the lucky winner of the games designed by Paramount based on the movie. The highest scorer would get these two awesome gifts along with some other small gifts.

The film was a hit and all the guys loved it as they could relate themselves with the character and this liking resulted in the fever for the costume that Tom Cruise wears in the movie. A lot of brands started making the newly welcomed fictional hero’s costumes for those young guys who desire to have a personality like him. As we know, Tom Cruise is loved by all. Tom Cruise is a superstar and every guy wants to become as good looking as he is. His hairstyles, dresses, watches, shoes etc. is been noted and followed religiously.

Usually it happens that whenever a new fictional hero hits the cinema, people go crazy over him and copy his styles as well as the dialogues. Even a 5 year old kid is like, Reacher’s Rule#1: ‘Hit them hard, hit them fast, and hit them a lot’. So this love for their favourite character is just incomparable.

June 09 2014


Movie Replica Leather Jackets

If you are a true fan of Hollywood movie celebrities and wish to adopt their style, you are on the right track to fulfill your desires. In this new era, consumer behavior is changing with rapid fluctuation in the trends. The ever-increasing changes in fashion are highly dependent on fashion creators. Celebrities rule over the fashion world and are known to be fashion creators. The consumer today is more conscious and intelligent in making purchasing decisions. Movie celebrities are the main cause of developing awareness among consumers and you can find the stylish replica leather jackets that your favorite Hollywood movie celebrity wears, ensuring high quality product.

If you wish to look good and want to wear leather jackets that your favorite Hollywood celebrity wears, you can fulfill your desires by visiting various stores, especially online, providing you with a luxurious variety of stylish movie replica leather jackets that fits your own style. These stores work with excellent teams whose expertise is in stitching celebrities’ costumes and designers who design classic replica in accordance with the latest fashion trends set by celebrities. This exclusive collection is prepared with innovative stylish designs, considering the latest fashion era. 

The aim is to provide the customers with a great blend of the finest quality and price ranges, which are affordable to all, as well as ensuring the genuineness of the leather. The product range has a great variety of movie celebrity’s leather jackets, men’s and women’s jackets available in different sizes paying attention to your needs. This collection of leather jackets is constantly updating in order to offer the valued customers with the latest fashionable clothing. In this product range, you can find the replica of your favorite celebrity leather jacket that he/she once outfitted. These outfits furnish one with the stylish and sparkling leather jackets of your favorite movie celebrity that best fit and define your own style. 
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